Why violence after a Coptic funeral?

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A disturbing day in Cairo as burst of violence breaks out, outside a cathedral moments after a Coptic funeral march. As these protestors who attacked these innocent Christians who attended this funeral, leaving one dead and around 66 people injured. The touching memorial service ended up turning into a protest against President Morsi’s current Islamist led government. The mourners came out and accused the failing of protecting the Coptic community in Egypt. During this protest “Crowds chanted “Egypt is our country and we will not leave it” and “the blood of Christians is not cheap. Morsi, you villain.”

From this I strongly believe that Egypt is equally divided on Morsi and that even after this outbreak of violence, there cannot be another revolution. I personally believe that Morsi will lose in the next election though in 2016 and think that the Coptic Christians are in trouble in Egypt but they are not in danger of all being killed. What happened in Cairo is another example of Egypt not liking their Christians but it does show that they will not be wiped out. As one got killed during this riot, it is very sad but it is not evidence of a revolution of killing Christians. Seeing that the numbers of Christians are small in total in Egypt that they will not be able to hold a protest that is not broken up and is effective in Egypt. I could see them protesting in the future but I think it would be met with a bigger protesting group; the Islamists. This incident will go away like all the other attacks on Christians in Egypt and there will be bigger scenes with Islamists that cover over any loses that Christians have.

Lastly, all of these people that acted out at the Christians attending what was a peaceful funeral turning into a blood bath are nothing but human waste. All it shows is none of them are worth saving, are unredeemable in the eye of any god’s or prophet they may happen to believe in. It clearly shows that they believe in nothing but evil, acting on his behalf. If Egypt’s Government does not punish those who started this act of violence, which by the way happen to be of the same religion as them, that government should be over thrown as soon as possible. They always get a slap on the wrist when people of the same religion are the judges there, this means that they should not be sucking air with the rest of the people either…


The U.S continues to throw away money to foreign countries.

U.S. Secretary of State Kerry attends a "Friends of Syria" group meeting in IstanbulScreen-Shot-2013-04-20-at-9_15_58-PM-620x354e213f4394b0a9b0d2f0f6a70670052fa

The United States has approved $123 million in aid to the Syrian rebels this past week which may include body armour and other types of supplies that might have not been part of the assistance package for Syria in the past years. This aid was approved during the same week as the Boston bombings earlier this week. I do not think that it was a great idea for the president to address the nation about the Boston bombings while at the same time aiding Syria. Our country cannot even get out of our debt we are in right now but we have millions of tax paying dollars to give away to these countries. U.S Secretary of State John Kerry said at a Friends of Syria meeting in Istanbul that “this bloodshed needs to stop and that’s what brought us here tonight on Saturday and a very early Sunday morning to talk about the possibilities for peace and transtition.” If I was in front of John Kerry I would ask if the bloodshed needs to stop, why are we giving rebels money? I mean did we not learn anything from when we gave about 500 milion to the Muslim Brotherhood to take over Libya and Egypt? I do not think that went over well. Obama has neither shame or morals and continues to still supply the Muslim Brothers with a huge amount of money so they can continue to cause trouble.

In this aid, it could include more armoured vehicles, night vision goggles, and advanced communications equipment. How much more do we need to keep giving these countries? Instead of using our own tax money to give aid, these elected officials who make a VERY weathly income should use their own money if they feel so strongly about it. I mean we have struggling families here today and it seems they do not care that much about these Americans that are having a hard time keeping their heads above water. We need to fix the problems in the United States first and worry about the other countries once we are back on our feet again.

The foreign ministers from the main supporters of the rebels group were trying to increase a lot of pressure on the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down from his seat. As much as 70,000 people in Syria have been killed, state the United Nations. Maybe Syria is doing something wrong? I am sure that Syria can somehow figure out a way to resolve their issues without us being there for them. Lastly, should Obama’s priorty be any other country than America at this time in life? I think no, he should be working to get this great nation back to the number 1 and not the third world country that it has become. What is Obama going to do in his last couple of years in office? Support foreign countries when we do not even have our American’s working again and plans to get America’s debt down and back where it relied on itself instead of other countries to support it. When this country was not in debt, we were able to help other countries without going into debt but we cannot do that right now. I wonder, when there is a disaster in America, what countries help us? Cannot name one, can you?

Reform on the rise for Egypt Police?



The security police forces in Egypt are now receiving human rights training, but the critics are saying that there will not be an major changes for the political part. A former police officer in Cairo, Egypt, Tamer Meky who is now a politician and who is now likely helping the president of Egypt, has expressed his views on the security problems that are happening in the Arab world. “The lack of security in Egypt is the largest nail in President [Mohammed] Morsi’s political coffin,” Meky, a representative in Egypt’s upper house of parliament or Shura Council, told Al Jazeera. Meky goes on to say that Morsi will not be able to be successful in fixing the problems in tourism and the economy without security. The police obviously have no idea on how to reform and all the proposed ideas by Morsi have not been working at all. But many of the people in Egypt view the 2011 revolution as revenge against the police brutality and the security forces main goal was to only protect the president rather than the citizens in Egypt.

There are a lot of questions about the relationship between the citizens and the security forces in Egypt, so far it seems like it is an unhealthy relationship between them. Is receiving human rights training a good step in reforming? Time will only tell. The security forces need a main goal and that is to build a modern and a much efficient police force that will be able to both provide safe security and protect human rights, for example, the right to peaceful protest without being brutalized. Real reform for Egypt cannot just be solely based on substituting the leadership of the security forces with new faces. This must be institutionalized for it to work. The fact the police brutalized the citizens over and over again makes me feel that they enjoy hurting these people. Some how, some way they need to improve there relationship with the public. An example would be if every officer wear a name tag to facilitate the complaints process. The security forces in Egypt are composed of all men and could intergrate females into the force, in my opinion.

Is the former U.S solider, Eric Harroun a traitor?


I beleive in the final outcome in court will be that Harroun will end up spending the rest of his days in federal prison. First, because he aligned himself wtih Al-Qaida affiliate which he was probably giving aid to the enemy of the U.S. Al-Qaida, regardless of it’s intentions in Syria, is a dangerous terrorist organization. Even the U.S government sees in the organization and if Harroun killed anyone or not, he was simply in a place that is strickly prohibited, namely in company with an Al-Kaida affiliate. His apirations are immaterial as well and the bottom line here is that he screwed up big time and now he must pay for his actions. It will be interesting to see the final outcome of his trial. Could the final outcome be the death penalty or a life sentence? The simply mere fact that he knowingly aligned himself with Al-Qaida is one of the most biggest threats to national security.

Some people might ask is he even mentally stable? He was discharged from the army due to a car accident that left him with a steel plate in his head after serving three years in the army. Could that plate in his head cause mental issues, loss of memory?


Blocking internet porn in Egypt?



Egypt has prepared to block all access to websites that have pornographic content, said the head of the National Telecom Regulatory Authority Sherif Hashem. “Technologies to prevent pornographic content from being shared on the territory of Egypt are fully ready for use,” said Sherif. But since the beginning of the year, internet service providers have been working on making filters to block all access to websites that have pornographic content. The whole set back is that Hashem is waiting for “the country’s authorities to lay down a set of rules to determine what websites should be banned.” This ban of pornography came “in the wake of the Cairo Administrative Courts May 2009 ruling to ban pornographic websites, because they “help spread vice, which destroys traditions, beliefs and morals, and therefore the country’s interests, as well as social and national security.” The estimated cost of the project is about $3.7 million.

Blocking pornography in Egypt is a good idea. First of all, it is not censorship but it is decency. What are the benefits of viewing porn online? It makes sexual perverts happy and the fact that these sites are avaible to children makes the use of pornography on the internet even more disgusting. I think that porn has always been worrisome to any parents that have children. That’s why parents have these filters on the computers so they cannot access these nudity videos or photos. As we all know pornography focuses on the sex act itself and versions of it, between people who actually do not know or love each other. It also cheapens the intimate nature of sex. I also believe pornography generates big money and that money is not really channeled into things that even benefit humankind. It basically debases our society and degrades the participants. The internet just makes it easier to access and more prevalent, and way more difficult to control the content of porn. If Egypt goes through with this and finds out which sites to ban and block, I believe that it will not only help the children in the country but everyone as a whole. I think that anything that encourages people to look at others as a mere object for their own pleasure is damaging to a society.

Three divers in Egypt arrested for cutting internet cable in the sea..What will Egpyt do to protect the cables?


In Egypt, three divers were arrested near the Meditteranean port city of Alexandria. They were caught undersea cutting internet cable, but this incident might have been going on for days that involved “severed connections and disruptions to online services.” It all happend when the patrol coastguard of Egypt spotted a fishing boat, an army spokesperson said. But there were not specific details on to whether or not that the divers motive was to tamper with Egypt’s Telecom which is the country’s only landline provider. This incident was not clear whether it “was related to disruptions of Egypt reported by cable operator SEACOM last week that it said hit several lines connecting Europe with Africa, the Middle East and Asia.” SEACOM did not come foward and explain the reason for the cuts but they did come foward and say that the cables and the other network systems that are “funneling telecoms traffic backwards and forwards in the early hours of Friday.” People have expressed that the connections have been slow across Egypt since this incident.

This telecom infrastructure under the Mediterranean has been an ongoing problem in recent years. The people in Egypt have suggested that the cables could have been getting caught up with propellers of boats that are passing above the cables. What will Egypt do now to prevent this problem from occuring frequently? It will be interesting to see whether or not if Egypt revamps there telecom system. If the cables keep on getting cut on purpose or accidential, there is a problem here and they need to address it. A possible idea in fixing this is to not have the cables run underneath the water. According to this article, there has been a rise in the crime rates across Egpyt and “amid wider disorder triggered” by the unseated Hosni Mubarak in 2011 which made a lot of people upset. I find it very interesting how these two divers were able to locate one of these cables, the telecom infrastructure needs to be better protected if three people with Scuba gear and some cutting tools can break a major undersea cable.


Is it possible for Egypt and Iran to work together?


Egypt’s tourism minister, Hesham Zaazoua spoke out during an interview with the Associated Press in Cairo, Egypt. He stated that allowing Iranian tourists to come visit Egypt will not be a threat even after being banned for nearly three decades and could make a rise in the tourism industry seeing that it has been struggling for some time now. This interview with the Associated Press brought a lot of “controversy over allowing Iranians to visit Egypt after decades of frozen diplomatic relations suspicion – especially among ultraconservatives – that Iran aspires to spread its Shiite faith to the Sunni world.” Egypt is still working to “normalize relations” with Iran, long after Egypt signed it’s 1979 peace treaty with Israel and Iran. The relations between Iran and Egypt have begun to improve drastically after the former President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt stepped down in 2011 due to a “popular uprising.”

The new Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran have “exchanged visits, which have opened new avenues of cooperation between the former foes.” Zaazoua stated that Iranians are tourists and that they are not coming to Egpyt to create a revolution. He also said that Iranian visitors “would be restricted in their movements, would not be visiting religious sites.” This will be interesting to see the outcome of this. But seeing how Egypt is struggling, they could use all the help they can get. Egypt needs to develop tourism and air traffic and as well as econonmic and commericial ties with Iran. Both Iran and Egpyt could have a lot to gain from this move. If they increase there relations it could create a “power equation” that could help benefit the region and could as well shape the balance of power in the Middle East.

It would make sense if Iran and Egypt improve relations between each other and could prevent the possibility of western expansion over the region. ” The expansion of relations between Iran and Egypt as two powerful regional countries will have positive impact on the region and can prevent further expansion of the Western domination over the region,” said Ahmadreza Dastegheib, deputy chairman of Iran Majlis Foreign Policy and National Security Committee. With this, it would be greatly recommendable to also strengthen political, economical and military ties between both of these nations.