Blogs and News Sites to Follow

Abu Muqawama was created by Andrew Exum (and now includes Adam Elkus and Dan Trombly as regular contributors). Exum is a former US Army officer and student of the Middle East. Abu Muqawama offers a unique perspective not to be missed. The blog is hosted by the Center for a New American Security.

Al Bab Arab Newspapers is a useful reference of papers throughout the Arab world with the language of each paper provided.

Al Jazeerais one of the preeminent news organizations in the world and provides unique and comprehensive coverage of the Arab world.

Angry Arab News is a news aggregation website that offers unique coverage of the Arab world.

The Arabist is a terrific blend of politics and culture. Founded by Issandr El Amrani in Cairo, “The Arabist” covers everything that is worth covering with wit, humor’s, and passion. A terrific resource.

Arab Media & Society is an academic journal on all things media in the Arab world.

Informed Comment” blog is written by Juan Cole, a professor of history at the University of Michigan. Cole is an interesting and often outspoken blogger who tries to bring history, politics, art, culture and whatever else might interest him to his readers.

Jadaliyya is an ezine published by the Arab Studies Institute in Washington, DC. The ASI also publishes the Arab Studies Journal. Jadiliyya is an excellent source of news, information, and analysis of the Arab world.

Marc Lynch @ FP is written by Marc Lynch (aka, Abu Aardvark), an associate professor of politics and international affairs at George Washington University. This blog, begun under the pseudonym Abu Aardvark and now hosted by Foreign Policy magazine, is one of the best sources for political affairs in the region.

Middle East Channel @ FP is a joint venture of the NAF Middle East Task Force and the Project on Middle East Political Science and hosted by Foreign Policy magazine. This is a terrific news and analysis blog.

Shadi Hamid’s blog at the Atlantic is an ever evolving collection of careful and thoughtful analysis on the region by a Brookings Institute fellow.

Syria Comment is the brainchild of Joshua Landis, the Director of the Center for Middle East Studies and associate professor at the University of Oklahoma. If there is news or analysis about Syria, Landis has it.