What is to come of the Middle East?

Throughout my life, there has never been much stability in the Middle East or Arab world. We have all had to deal the inconsistency of power in the region. Now, al-Jazeera has released an article highlighting the problem once and for all. The countries in the region are up for grabs. The article basically says that al-Jazeera has no idea what is going to happen to the countries in the region. It claims that the instability will create such turmoil that the region will eventually implode on itself.

The cause for this is ultimately because of foreign involvement, most notably, the United States.

What would happen to the US credibility if Iraq crumbled? Obviously we are not very pleasing to most of the world when it comes to the matter of the Middle East, but would there be global backlash towards the US?

Between Iraq and Syria, the region has its hands full with intra-regional conflict. The “endgame” of this conflict will ultimately end in what is called BLOOD BORDERS: A solution for the misconstrued international borders. A scary thought for those of in the Western world where diplomacy is the first action, this tribal-esque solution for the region is unsettling for the modern world.

 Blood borders is a form of xenophobia. Keeping the people in that are similar to you and those who are slightly different are excommunicated.

This entire situation really makes you question whether or not the US has made the best decisions in the past few decades. What is your take?

The article can be found here

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