Sryia’s economy: Oh Shit!

Sryia’s economy: Oh Shit!

This article comes from BBC a very respectable news source. While I was in San Diego for spring break this past march I had the pleasure of staying with my cousin and 3 Ensigns stationed at Coronado. One of the Ensigns grew up with me and my cousin. Joe, originally from Maryland, is an incredibly interesting individual. We spent hours discussing the N. Korea threat and what it meant for the Navy and the career and future of him and his men. Upon looking at the news across the country and the reactions it had, he left me with a quote, “If BBC doesn’t report it then I don’t need to know about it. ‘Dance moms’ and Taylor Swift don’t have shit on the real world.” I believe this speaks volumes about the news media in America verse the relevant international circuit. I digress (big time). 

The article talks about the economic decline in Syria due to the uprising and revolution. As much as the revolution was needed and was praised by the people of Syria, it brought an unwelcomed result in the finance sector. The former regime was an oppressive government but at least had stability to produce products to be exported as well as consumed by the citizens.  

In the article one man sheds light on the fact that even though the former government had the police hassle him to no end about his fruit cart, he became a Monday morning quarterback and realized that the police were better than dealing with the thugs. The lack of stability in the region forces the people to stick to cliques and band together. An animalistic attitude has been created and the men and women of Syria are doing what they can to survive, even if that is at the expense of their fellow citizens. 

The security, or lack there of, is something that cannot be taken lightly. A country needs to be able to protect its citizens and enforce laws. In a land where crime is rampant, freedoms need to be oppressed in order to build a responsible attitude to take care of themselves. 

What we can draw from this article is that sometimes the grass is not always greener on the other side. What do you think?


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