Russia and USA to Syria: “Play Nice”


In the wake of the various headlines that Syria has dominated internationally, the United States and Russia have agreed to attempt another set of peace talks. The attempt has been hailed as a great step forward. I honestly don’t get it, if the world is supportive of two countries trying to regain a handle on the situation as it has clearly gone too far then our priorities are incorrect. We praise the idea of inciting a peace after we clearly lost the ability to continue the talks. The peace talks never should have stopped, a war has been raging where upwards of 70,000 people have been killed and we effectively gave up. The media should shift its view from praising the two countries to condemning them for letting it get this far.


            One of the reasons it failed was , “Both the US and Russia endorsed a plan for a political solution for Syria last June but have differed over how to implement it.” In the end part of the responsibility for the madness falls to the two countries that dropped the ball in terms of how to enforce the peace. It’s the equivalent of two parents telling their children not to do something and then being surprised when they did it.


            Furthermore, Instability in the region is bad for both countries, it has a negative affect on Syria and the surrounding countries, of which both the United States and Russia are allied. This situation has escalated to a point where more than politics are in order. Sanctions should be put in affect and UN peacekeepers should be deployed and stricter sanctions on weapons should be forced in order to De-militarize both the rebels and the regime in an attempt to incite peace. Civil discourse has failed because neither side has any trust for the other, it is imperative that they attempt these peace talks with the utmost of severity if they were to be broken.


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