There is no doubt that there are some horrendous places within the Arab world. But I want to take a look at the more beautiful places in the Arab world. After all, isn’t this the geographic birthplace of modern man kind? Mesopotamia is in the heart of the Arab world, but I fear that the world has forgotten about the beauty and historical importance the region has for the entire world. Image

The Middle East, as well as the Arab world, was once the true paradise for the entire world. We could not escape the beauty these lands give to us. It is truly a gift that all need to embrace and remember. Coldplay’s song Paradise might not have a political or cultural  focus on this region, but it makes us think of where our personal paradises are. For the captive elephant in the video, it is clearly the plains of Africa with his brethren. I want the rest of us to understand that there is beauty within everything. I want you to dive deep into the sands, the rivers, the oases, the wildlife of the region and find the beauty and paradise which I know is there. Ask the people who live there and they will undoubtedly tell you that they find it difficult to continue to live in such conditions, but they still love their home.ImageImage

I give you the link to Paradise by Coldplay. I hope that it will inspire you. Inspiration is all that this world needs. With it, anything can be accomplished.


About ethurston359

I am a Classics major at Roger Williams University.

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