Starving Palestinian Childeren, No One Seems to Care.

The world is witnessing souring poverty in Palestine, could it be due to the massive walls surrounding the Palestinian people? Recently, the UN introduced a figure that showed 80% of Palestinian children living in east Jerusalem were living in massive poverty.  Their “findings echoed a report issued by an Israeli human rights group earlier this week lamenting that the city’s Palestinian residents were suffering the “worst (poverty) rate of all time.” At the same time, the rates of poverty of Israeli children have been declining. I believe that this is due to one word, “segregation”. If you surround a population and restrict trade and resources it only makes sense that they are going to be forced into poverty.Image

            To add figures to this statement, “The barrier has caused direct losses to east Jerusalem’s economy of more than $1.0 billion, the UNCTAD report said, adding that the wall continues to cost the city’s economy around $200 million a year in lost trade and employment opportunities.” This wall has a direct effect on the surrounded Palestinians and is proven to cause poverty at a staggering rate. How is it possible to justify the pain that you inflict on the society, when you claim that you are the ones being oppressed? If the red line that they are talking about actually exists then it has been crossed hundreds of times in regards to the treatment of the Palestinians.


            As highlighted in the Al Jazeera article, The “UNCTAD chastised Israel for not doing enough to meet its obligations as an occupying power, urging the country to act “with vigour to improve economic conditions in east Jerusalem and the well-being of Palestinian residents.” However I believe that more than just a simple push of encouragement is in order, if they want to see real results in the protection of the Palestinian people, they should push for sanctions to be put on Israel in order to expedite the process.


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