Pulling the plug on the Internet, Seriously Syria?

Did the government of Syria think it would be a good idea to turn off Internet for two days? If so, it would be hard not to make connections between their actions and the actions of Egypt before it fell. Turning off Internet does nothing to strengthen your reputation around the globe or even domestically. What are your afraid to show your population that you’re willing to go to the massive trouble to shut down the Internet of an entire country? Something smells wrong.

            However, no party has claimed responsibility for the blackout. The timing of this is very suspicious. The Syrian government has before shut off the Internet of a county based upon the idea that it would disrupt rebel fighters. It’s not something that they lack the capacity, or willingness to do. At this point in the war, Assad would do almost anything to gain the upper hand. As the world looks in, a great way to stop information from getting out would be to shut off the ability for reporters to report.

            Aljazeera has claimed, “The blackout, which ended on Wednesday, was blamed by state media on a technical fault, but activists and a watchdog accused the regime of deliberating cutting the connection to shield military operations.” This introduces an interesting element, as non-affiliated groups have deemed the actions state caused.


            The Syrian state news “quoted the director general of the General Establishment for Communications, Bakr Bakr, as saying internet services and communication between provinces had gone down because of a malfunction in an optic cable.”


            The problem in this situation is that we are given two sides of the story; both claim that they were in the right, and attempt to dispute the other. You are stuck in between a mass of misinformation, with both sides in the wrong and contributing to the mess. In the end it would be almost impossible to prove that this was in fact caused by government intervention, however it would seem like the logical reason.


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