Gadhafi’s governmental workers are “Tainted”


Following the rule of Gadhafi, the Libyan government was a mess. Many of the technocrats that helped solidify the daily workings of the government had kept their jobs through the transfer of power. Unfortunately the many militias that ruled the country following the transfer had a problem with the supporters of Gadhafi keeping their positions.

To me it seems like a natural occurrence for this to happen. It’s long enough after the rebellion that you would expect them to find adequate replacements for those loyal to the old regime. The idea that because these politicians had served time in the Gadhafi government had somehow made them tainted is terrifying. Who is going to run the country when policies like this target those who know the most about running the government.

However, the idea that these people are somehow inferior to their new regime counterparts is ridiculous. These people are in the positions that they have due to their hard work and their continued understanding of what the positions mean. I believe that what people associate themselves with should not be used against them in terms of seeking employment. If they ran for election and were re-elected based on their skills and history they deserve the position that they have won.

This is a classic example of the people seeking justice from those who didn’t commit a crime. The revolution is over, now they don’t have anything to do. These fighters are just another example of how little it really takes to condemn a person when you have a gun in your hands.



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