Al-Jazeera wins Webby for online magazine


In terms of international recognition, Al-Jazeera being nominated for a Webby alone is a major deal moving forward for Arab Media credibilitiy internationally. But on May 1st, it became official that al-Jazeera won a Webby award for the “Best News Tablet in Mobile Apps.” This is huge for al-Jazeera and Arab Media at large. Al-Jazeera’s online magazine beat out well known international outlets such as the New York Times and, according to an article released by al-Jazeera won 40 percent of the votes. This is an unprecedented victory for media in the Arab World as they seek to further demonstrate themselves as a credible and reliable outlet both regionally and internationally with al-Jazeera clearly leading the way. Granted, this is only a Webby award and the second one that al-Jazeera has won in two years, but a precedent has been set in which al-Jazeera will continue to grow in international prominence.


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