Israel Has “Declared War” on Syria

The Israel  Defense Forces have launched missiles attacking a military research facility in Damascus. The government has likened this to a “declaration of war” on the Assad regime. This has created a problem with nearby Lebanon, whose government claims that the Israelis used Lebanese airspace to carry out the bombing. Despite these claims, Israel seems ready to justify any measures used, even if it means encroaching on foreign airspace. This is all part of an effort to thwart Hezbollah’s efforts against Israel. Interestingly, this is not the first time Israel has attacked this specific target. In January, the IDF bombed the facility, killing two government soldiers. The official statement Saturday from the IDF was that they had attacked a convoy carrying munitions designated for Hezbollah fighters. Israel has long been extremely vocal about their commitment to protecting the homeland from terrorist attacks which have been funded by the Syrian government as well as the Iranian government. It would seem that Israel would be getting their money’s worth with an involvement in Syria, as they would significantly destabilize their enemy as well as promote the rise of a government more conducive to their interests.

President Obama reiterated his commitment to keeping American forces out of Syria, and suggested that such an arrangement would not be good for anybody.

With the latest news that Israel is taking a more proactive role in the Syrian civil war, it begs the question of the coordination with the American government. Does this mean that Israel is doing the “heavy lifting” under the direction of the Americans, or is Israel taking more expedient action on its own initiative? Such a theory would suggest a “proxy war” at works. Could a possible rift be developing over the two nations’ differing strategies, or is this part of a larger plan of the Obama administration? 


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