Diplomacy, Obama and the Middle East


There is no denying the fact that the International System is changing; rapidly. The world of 25 years ago in which two Superpowers dominated a divisive bi-polar system is no longer in place. What has filled the void of the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 is something much more Westphalian in nature. The early 1990s may have appeared to be a uni-polar world dominated by the United States but this was only a temporary reality and a long-term illusion. What has truly transpired is a world that has become increasingly multi-polar and, therefore, more Westphalian in nature than her Cold War counterpart. No where is this more evident than in the Middle East where the forces that drove the Arab Spring are only just beginning to be comprehended.



Al-Jazeera English published an article called Diplomacy, Obama and the Middle East on April 1st of this year that challenges the traditional US foreign policy in the region. This article is based off of an episode of Empire which highlighted how US power has weakened in the region over the past few decades. But, more importantly, discusses where US policy should proceed moving forward. In particular, the author questions the full validity of the “unbreakable alliance” between the US and Israel and how that alliance can solve issues in the region especially in the “Occupied Territories.” The bottom line is the US has failed to adequately react to the Arab Spring and the Arab World has noticed. This article depicts the increasing vocal nature of the Arab Media and how her audience has increased internationally. In order for US policy to change, a more vocal voice from the region like al-Jazeera is vital. The criticism from both the American and Arab public is a necessary step if there will be peace in the Arab-Israeli Conflict.


The link to the episode is attached below: 




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