Bahrain Outraged Over US State Department Report

Bahrain, a small country in the Arab world plagued by protests for two consecutive years is outraged at a human rights report written by the US State Department. The protests began in early 2011 and are in conflict with police forces in Shia villages.

The report released on April 19 said “the most serious human rights problems included citizens’ inability to change their government peacefully; arrest and detention of protesters on vague charges, in some cases leading to their torture in detention.” (

Bahrainis accuse the report of lacking objectivity and falsely portraying the country’s state of affairs.

A spokewoman for the Bahraini government made a statement that she “urges the US State Department to help countries protect their national security and back their stability, the way the US itself does in the war it is waging on global terror.”

Meanwhile, the UN torture investigator said Bahrain cancelled a trip he had planned to the Gulf Arab state until further notice.

On the US Department of State’s website it states “Recent political and social unrest has highlighted the need for reform and reconciliation. Following the release of the royally appointed Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry’s (BICI) findings, which recommended a series of reforms, the Government of Bahrain has taken initial steps to redress past abuses and implement reforms. Despite these efforts, unrest and clashes have continued. The United States has urged the Government of Bahrain to implement the full range of BICI recommendations and take steps to implement additional reforms” (

While the report of Bahrain by the US may be truthful or in fact biased, how is anything supposed to be cleared if the United Nations will not investigate? A visit to the country by the UN torture investigator would be a more unbiased perspective on the true state of Bahrain.


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