Why violence after a Coptic funeral?

POTD-Egyptian-prot_2529412bEgypt funeral Coptic Christians120318112453-coptic-woman-faints-story-top

A disturbing day in Cairo as burst of violence breaks out, outside a cathedral moments after a Coptic funeral march. As these protestors who attacked these innocent Christians who attended this funeral, leaving one dead and around 66 people injured. The touching memorial service ended up turning into a protest against President Morsi’s current Islamist led government. The mourners came out and accused the failing of protecting the Coptic community in Egypt. During this protest “Crowds chanted “Egypt is our country and we will not leave it” and “the blood of Christians is not cheap. Morsi, you villain.”

From this I strongly believe that Egypt is equally divided on Morsi and that even after this outbreak of violence, there cannot be another revolution. I personally believe that Morsi will lose in the next election though in 2016 and think that the Coptic Christians are in trouble in Egypt but they are not in danger of all being killed. What happened in Cairo is another example of Egypt not liking their Christians but it does show that they will not be wiped out. As one got killed during this riot, it is very sad but it is not evidence of a revolution of killing Christians. Seeing that the numbers of Christians are small in total in Egypt that they will not be able to hold a protest that is not broken up and is effective in Egypt. I could see them protesting in the future but I think it would be met with a bigger protesting group; the Islamists. This incident will go away like all the other attacks on Christians in Egypt and there will be bigger scenes with Islamists that cover over any loses that Christians have.

Lastly, all of these people that acted out at the Christians attending what was a peaceful funeral turning into a blood bath are nothing but human waste. All it shows is none of them are worth saving, are unredeemable in the eye of any god’s or prophet they may happen to believe in. It clearly shows that they believe in nothing but evil, acting on his behalf. If Egypt’s Government does not punish those who started this act of violence, which by the way happen to be of the same religion as them, that government should be over thrown as soon as possible. They always get a slap on the wrist when people of the same religion are the judges there, this means that they should not be sucking air with the rest of the people either…


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