Boston Explosions: ‘Please don’t be Arabs or Muslims’


This image from the historic city of Boston permeated across news outlets all over the world last Monday as the global human community was still reeling from the shock of the attacks on Bolyston Street. The scale of the bombings may have been minimal in comparison to say September 11th but the impact it had on the city was undeniable. Fear, anxiety, and hatred are unfortunate by-products of any such attack especially when you consider a pre-existing phobia of Islam that entered the United States via 9/11. This is the vibe that Al-Jazeera English picked up on in the immediate aftermath of the attacks. In an effort to prevent a repeat of the discrimination faced by Muslims and Arabs worldwide after 9/11, Al-Jazeera writer Khaled Beydoun states “concern for loved ones was superseded by a distinctly Arab and Muslim-American psychosis.”  It is awful to think of this situation in this perspective, but if we look back on the history of Muslim-Americans in the US over the past decade, this mentality does make sense. Even though research on Islamophobia is still in its infancy, it is apparent in both the United States and Western Europe. This article is a reflection of Muslim sentiment around the world regarding the Western view of Terrorism and associating it solely with Muslims; the unfortunate result being the misconception that all Muslims are Arabs and increased racial discrimination against Arabs around the world. But, this article also illustrates the global impact that Arab media is beginning to have on the global audience. 





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