Fox News “The Five” Robert Beckel – Muslim students in American Colleges


While some news sources have claimed that Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarneaev, the two Boston Marathon Bombing suspects, are linked and members of the Muslim Brotherhood, Arab or Muslim terrorist groups, and Islamic Fundamentalists, others state that the two individuals were simply American citizens who turned terrorists. In an ABC news report claiming to have revealed the details involving the bombing and behind the scene information of the two suspects, it is reported that these two individuals were “homegrown American terrorists who learned how to make a bomb through the internet and had no physical influence from overseas”. In addition, it is claimed that the brother’s only connection to the Arab world was through viewing internet teachings of deceased Al-Queda and Jihadist member Anwar Al-Awlaki. (
On Monday (April 22nd), the Fox News series “The Five” aired featuring co-host and political commentator Robert Beckel. Beckel who has been a member of Fox News and “The Five” for a number of years, has in numerous times been the center of controversial statements when it comes to debatable and touchy issues in the media. In this segment of “The Five”, the Boston Marathon Bombing surfaced as one of the topics. When asked by his co-host about the Arab World and Muslim supremacy regarding the attack as well as other acts of terror, Beckel voiced a very biased and controversial opinion on the issue. In voicing his opinion, Beckel states “In Muslim communities around the world, they don’t like us” and further quotes “They [Muslim / Arab countries] recruit people from poor areas and they try to turn them into terrorists”. In addition to these statements, Beckel also states that this information and knowledge that both Muslim countries hate the United States as well as how these countries recruit terrorists, stems from significant research done on the issue. Furthermore, he added that “we should keep any more Muslims from studying… We’re going to have to cut off Muslim students from coming into this country for some period of time, so we can at least absorb what we’ve got, look at what we’ve got, and decide whether some of the people here should be gone, sent back home or sent to prison.” (
I find this to be very interesting because through this comment, Beckel is essentially saying two main things: that all Muslim and Arab individuals are terrorists with the sole goal to kill Americans and also promoting the fact that Arab and Muslim individuals should be excluded from studying in a free and divers America. These comments and this mentality by a person of the media is extremely biased and prejudice further creating a tension between American citizens and people of Arab and Muslim decent. Many may ask and wonder why we as a society act in the way that we do. The reason stems from the fact that we as a society are constantly racially profiling and discriminating against minority or foreign groups. Another aspect that must be looked at is why individuals from other countries such as Arab and Muslim countries “hate” us so much. This deep hatred towards Americans is initiated because individuals of society and the media influence the rest of society into believing that this is the way that everyone should think. Through people such as Beckel, other political and high ranking American figures, and movies/media that portray these individuals in the negative way such as terrorists, do we as Americans become conditioned to become prejudice and biased. This can further be proven based on the fact that majority of the events that involve acts of terror the initial individuals to be blamed or seen as “persons of intrest” for the act are majority of the times Arab or Muslim. The best example of this can be seen in the Oklahoma City Bombing where an individual of Arab or Muslim decent, Ibrahim Ahmad, was innitially blamed for the act of terror when in reality an investigation proved it was an American terrorist, Timothy McVeigh.


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