Helicopter Crash Victims captured by Taliban


Eleven people, including 10 foreigners, (eight Turks, two Russians and one Afghan) have been taken by the Taliban after their aircraft was forced to land due to bad weather.

The helicopter made an emergency landing in an eastern province of Afghanistan, the helicopter was in good condition and no one was seriously injured. With the unfortunate circumstances, the helicopter landed in very close proximity to a formal medical clinic that is being used currently as a Taliban military headquarters

Dr. Abdul Wali Wakil, a spokesman for the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan, said “The Taliban took them to the mountains. Right now, we are seriously looking into this issue because we are afraid if a military action is taken, maybe it will have negative results, maybe civilian casualties or damage.”

Imagine simply being a a civilian on board a helicopter carrying construction materials from Khost province (in eastern Afghanistan) to Kabul, landing and being captured by an extremist group. We can only hope they are found safe and peacefully.



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