The U.S continues to throw away money to foreign countries.

U.S. Secretary of State Kerry attends a "Friends of Syria" group meeting in IstanbulScreen-Shot-2013-04-20-at-9_15_58-PM-620x354e213f4394b0a9b0d2f0f6a70670052fa

The United States has approved $123 million in aid to the Syrian rebels this past week which may include body armour and other types of supplies that might have not been part of the assistance package for Syria in the past years. This aid was approved during the same week as the Boston bombings earlier this week. I do not think that it was a great idea for the president to address the nation about the Boston bombings while at the same time aiding Syria. Our country cannot even get out of our debt we are in right now but we have millions of tax paying dollars to give away to these countries. U.S Secretary of State John Kerry said at a Friends of Syria meeting in Istanbul that “this bloodshed needs to stop and that’s what brought us here tonight on Saturday and a very early Sunday morning to talk about the possibilities for peace and transtition.” If I was in front of John Kerry I would ask if the bloodshed needs to stop, why are we giving rebels money? I mean did we not learn anything from when we gave about 500 milion to the Muslim Brotherhood to take over Libya and Egypt? I do not think that went over well. Obama has neither shame or morals and continues to still supply the Muslim Brothers with a huge amount of money so they can continue to cause trouble.

In this aid, it could include more armoured vehicles, night vision goggles, and advanced communications equipment. How much more do we need to keep giving these countries? Instead of using our own tax money to give aid, these elected officials who make a VERY weathly income should use their own money if they feel so strongly about it. I mean we have struggling families here today and it seems they do not care that much about these Americans that are having a hard time keeping their heads above water. We need to fix the problems in the United States first and worry about the other countries once we are back on our feet again.

The foreign ministers from the main supporters of the rebels group were trying to increase a lot of pressure on the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down from his seat. As much as 70,000 people in Syria have been killed, state the United Nations. Maybe Syria is doing something wrong? I am sure that Syria can somehow figure out a way to resolve their issues without us being there for them. Lastly, should Obama’s priorty be any other country than America at this time in life? I think no, he should be working to get this great nation back to the number 1 and not the third world country that it has become. What is Obama going to do in his last couple of years in office? Support foreign countries when we do not even have our American’s working again and plans to get America’s debt down and back where it relied on itself instead of other countries to support it. When this country was not in debt, we were able to help other countries without going into debt but we cannot do that right now. I wonder, when there is a disaster in America, what countries help us? Cannot name one, can you?


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