Hypocrisy in the Muslim Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood has been caught at it again: conveying a different message to their Western followers versus their Arab allies. In an official statement released yesterday, the party released a statement on their website condemning the bombings at the Boston Marathon and expressed solidarity with their American brethren. The group’s vice chairman Essam el-Erian posted a similarly worded message on his Facebook page, however, he suggested that the attacks were somehow linked to ongoing violence in Syria, the American invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq, and the French war in Mali. While he did not specifically blame any group or individual, the differing messages to the Arabic world versus the English-speaking regions call into question the group’s motives, and also makes one wonder why they would go to the effort to broadcast different opinions. Perhaps this is an effort of appealing to the right people, and in the process telling them what they want to hear.

 Freedom and Justice Party Strongly Condemns Boston Bombings


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