Reform on the rise for Egypt Police?



The security police forces in Egypt are now receiving human rights training, but the critics are saying that there will not be an major changes for the political part. A former police officer in Cairo, Egypt, Tamer Meky who is now a politician and who is now likely helping the president of Egypt, has expressed his views on the security problems that are happening in the Arab world. “The lack of security in Egypt is the largest nail in President [Mohammed] Morsi’s political coffin,” Meky, a representative in Egypt’s upper house of parliament or Shura Council, told Al Jazeera. Meky goes on to say that Morsi will not be able to be successful in fixing the problems in tourism and the economy without security. The police obviously have no idea on how to reform and all the proposed ideas by Morsi have not been working at all. But many of the people in Egypt view the 2011 revolution as revenge against the police brutality and the security forces main goal was to only protect the president rather than the citizens in Egypt.

There are a lot of questions about the relationship between the citizens and the security forces in Egypt, so far it seems like it is an unhealthy relationship between them. Is receiving human rights training a good step in reforming? Time will only tell. The security forces need a main goal and that is to build a modern and a much efficient police force that will be able to both provide safe security and protect human rights, for example, the right to peaceful protest without being brutalized. Real reform for Egypt cannot just be solely based on substituting the leadership of the security forces with new faces. This must be institutionalized for it to work. The fact the police brutalized the citizens over and over again makes me feel that they enjoy hurting these people. Some how, some way they need to improve there relationship with the public. An example would be if every officer wear a name tag to facilitate the complaints process. The security forces in Egypt are composed of all men and could intergrate females into the force, in my opinion.


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