Is the former U.S solider, Eric Harroun a traitor?


I beleive in the final outcome in court will be that Harroun will end up spending the rest of his days in federal prison. First, because he aligned himself wtih Al-Qaida affiliate which he was probably giving aid to the enemy of the U.S. Al-Qaida, regardless of it’s intentions in Syria, is a dangerous terrorist organization. Even the U.S government sees in the organization and if Harroun killed anyone or not, he was simply in a place that is strickly prohibited, namely in company with an Al-Kaida affiliate. His apirations are immaterial as well and the bottom line here is that he screwed up big time and now he must pay for his actions. It will be interesting to see the final outcome of his trial. Could the final outcome be the death penalty or a life sentence? The simply mere fact that he knowingly aligned himself with Al-Qaida is one of the most biggest threats to national security.

Some people might ask is he even mentally stable? He was discharged from the army due to a car accident that left him with a steel plate in his head after serving three years in the army. Could that plate in his head cause mental issues, loss of memory?


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