Russia Pledges to Investigate War Crimes

Russia’s foreign minister Sergey Lavrov has pledged to launch a probe of alleged war crimes committed during the Syrian civil war. Of more importance, Lavrov said, is ending the violence as soon as possible. Jordan has now been opened up for use as a staging area for foreign aid directed at assisting the fighters in any way possible.

In any case, a team of UN investigators is awaiting word in Cyprus for word to go ahead with a full inspection of the alleged use of chemical weapons by both sides in the conflict. Interestingly, the al-Assad regime encouraged the inspection and insists that any instances of biological warfare fall entirely on the rebellion. Could this mean that the government has quickly removed any evidence of their illicit activities and is using the UN as a pawn to shift support away from the rebels? Or could there be “planting” of evidence at work, where the helpless rebellion will be charged with war crimes? Let’s not forget that the UN inspectors found absolutely no traces of WMDs in Iraq, even after the U.S. government gave Saddam’s regime weapons in the ’80s to fight the Soviets. 

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavov


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