UN Preparing to Move in to Syria

The United Nations has announced that it is preparing a peacekeeping force to move in to Syria after what they see as the inevitable collapse of the al-Assad regime. Despite their previous commitment to playing a humanitarian role, the leadership has suggested that it might be necessary to do more than that, citing a lack of incentive among member countries. Al Jazerra reports that there are hundreds of staffers at the U.N. headquarters in New York working on contingency plans, a project called “Syria: The Day After”. The United States and their free-rider partners in NATO are predictably reluctant to make a move after the recent end of the Iraqi occupation. The U.N. currently has a small number of peacekeeping troops in neighboring Lebanon, but the only way to get a large number of troops into Syria quickly would be to have Turkey deploy their forces. Meanwhile, the UN Security Council has been consistently deadlocked in their decisions about how to handle an upheaval in governmental regimes. At the moment, Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon is committed to keeping “all options on the table”. 


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