Thoughts on a Podcast

The latest podcast on the Arabist discusses various elements of Middle Eastern art, culture, and censorship. The use of social media such as a podcast is a perfect example of adoption of new technology in much the same spirit as those who made ample use of facebook, twitter, texting, and other forms of new media, though its purpose is much different. However, the interesting thing is that the primary developer of the podcast is based in Egypt, a country in the midst of several issues involving free speech. However, he seems to have avoided the wrath of the Brotherhood government by not discussing government in Egypt.

Link to podcast –

The fact is that the use of new technology such as this is a major step in the right direction for Arabs. Embracing such new media offers new opportunities for the spread of Arab culture  among the rest of the world. Arab culture is sadly misunderstood and the opportunity to correct the misconceptions perpetuated by Hollywood, media, and preconceptions is phenomenal.


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