Bassem Youssef and Egyptian Free Speech

In much the same vein as the last post, the below video discusses the censorship of opposition in Egypt. Bassem Youssef was arrested and subjected to, according to his discussion with Christiane Amanpour, a major interrogation. His arrest in the first place was conducted under existing law from the Mubarek era and prior, which allowed political dissidents to be arrested for mocking the government.

The concept of free speech seems to be convenient when necessary for the government to tout as policy in the international  community, but when it comes to executing the policy in-country, there is little follow through for dissidents. While obviously not the United States in its free-speech policy, Egyptians overthrew Hosni Mubarek with the intention of improving things from the past regime. However, it seems that their election of the Muslim Brotherhood majority did not produce the desired result. This has potential to be a major instigator for further tensions, much in the same spirit as the protests last year against the intermediary military council.


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