The Muslim Brotherhood Tweets video to Attack Jon Stewart…protecting Morsi?

muslim brotherhoodJon Stewart

Over the past several decades, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) has been a significant political Islamic movement throughout parts of West Asia, the Middle East, Indonesia, and North Africa. Considered a “moderate” Islamic movement, the Brotherhood was originally created to reform economic, social, and political systems in the Middle East. Founded by Hassan al-Banana in 1928, the Muslim Brotherhood grew from small organization in Cairo to a multi-national organization.

The first contested Egyptain Presidential and parliamentary elections were held in May 2012, in which the outcome was a decisive victory for the Muslim Brotherhood.  Under the newly established Freedom and Justice Party, the Egyptian people named Mohammed Morsi (member of MB) Egypt’s new President. It was apparent that the Brotherhood became more influential within the region after the Hosni Mubarak regime crumbled.

Now however it seems that President Morsi is returning back to the old ways of Egyptiain totalitarianism. Opposition of Morsi claim, “the elected president has continuously defied legal norms to force through his agenda and trampled on the judiciary’s independence in a bid to consolidate his power…he has failed to live up to his promises to have an inclusive political process where liberals are represented (Aljazeera).”
Members and groups of the Muslim Brotherhood continue to support Morsi, even though there is still mass demonstrations being held almost every day. On Monday March 25th, Egypt’s prosecutor general issued arrest warrants for five of Egypt’s most prominent democracy advocates and activists over allegations that they instigated violence last week near the Brotherhood’s headquarters in Cairo. Nearly 200 people were injured in those violent clashes, which were among the worst in three months between anti-government protesters and supporters of the Brotherhood.
With the arrest of Bassem Youssef over the weekend, the Egyptian people are outraged and feel the restraint of the Morsi regime. He has since been released on bail but is still facing charges. Youssef is frequently compared to Stewart and the two are friends. So, on Monday Stewart ran two segments on Youssef’s arrest, portraying Morsi as “petty” and comparing him to former president Hosni Mubarak (Washington Post).
In response the Muslim Brotherhood posted this Anti-Semitic video:
The Muslim Brotherhood is clearly trying to deflect attention from President Morsi and refocusing it on the American media culture. By claiming United States Television is owned by the Jews is absurd, and is attempt to taunt Jon Stewart. This incident is escalating at a very rapid pace, but it will not be the end. Egyptian authorities are threatening to revoke the broadcasting licence from Capital Broadcast Centre, the network that airs  El Bernameg (“The Program”). Time can only tell how this issue will be resolved.

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