The importance of the TED talks cannot be stressed enough. Here are two videos which show the world what is happening in the Arab world. The first video is from March 2011. The speaker, Wadah Khanfar, stands before a large TED audience and lectures for nearly twenty minutes of Arab wants and feeling about the revolution. The third is from April 2012 where Dalia Mogahed speaks about her home country of Egypt and the political, economic and cultural transformation happening because of the Arab Spring. The popularity of TED throughout academia is a large proponent for the development the West becoming understanding and accepting of what is happening in the Arab world.
Here is why everyone needs to log onto TED as often as possible:
These two lectures, even though they were uploaded in 2011 and 2012, they are still present in conversation. TED is a great outlet for the West to become exposed to the happenings in the Middle East and Arab world. TED’s lectures can be accessed across the globe. They provide excellent pieces to start discussions in the classroom and the office. The audience becomes immersed into the conversation and cannot help but be evoked to want to delve deeper into the information and become better educated. The ‘talks’ create an emotional relationship between the presenter and the audience because of the passion within the presenters. This emotion cannot be synthesized with someone who has not lived the Arab world.

Here is the link to the second video:


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