Saddam, Still Making Headlines

After I had read an article on Al-Jazeera I scrolled back to the top of the page and re-read the sub heading of the piece. The article was supposed to be about two separate attacks in Iraq, but I originally found the article trying to get me to sympathize with Saddam Hussein. I could not believe what I had seemingly missed the first time going through the article. What stopped me dead in my tracks what the description of Hussein. Al-Jazeera describes Hussein as an “executed dictator.” What kind of connotation is being implied with this? I suppose I jumped to an early conclusion. By saying he was executed it can draw sympathy from the reader. However, Al-Jazzera makes the redemption shot by declaring him a dictator. There is no positive connotation from the word ‘dictator.’ (If you do not agree with me, just Wiki it, if that doesn’t suffice for you then do some credible research and you will come to the same conclusion.) I jumped to a naive premature conclusion about Al-Jazeera’s motives. I hope that the stringent use of ‘dictator’ by Al-Jazeera carries the same connotation that I hold to it, as a terrible, disgusting, tyrant etc.

I searched for the same story on BBC News and found how they described the “executed dictator.” I found that he is described as an “ex-leader” of Iraq. 

I want to know what Al-Jazzera & BBC News are thinking about their word choice. Why is one news outlet referring to Saddam Hussein as an ‘ex-leader’ and another as an ‘executed dictator?’  I’m really looking for some feedback on this one.


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