New System Could Revolutionize Reporting of Media

A new project discussed in an article on Syria Comment brings has the potential to revolutionize coverage of the War in Syria, but any coverage of mass media. Joshua Landis discusses the new service, Syria Video, as being able to sort out the masses of videos pouring out of the country from both the opposition and the government to help differentiate what is really going on from various forms of propaganda and general false information that emerges from a war zone.
The potential of this technology is staggering. Being able to take mass amounts of videos and have them automatically filtered categorically will drastically change the process of sorting through what is important and not by hand, a potentially time consuming process that results in false news reports and faulty intelligence, the bane of governments around the world. While in no way a complete solution to the problem of validity and verification, as the system merely categorizes the videos, the ability to do this alone could increase the ability general citizens around the world to be informed accurately and see what is being issued by all parties without the confusion of random sources on youtube.


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