How television is helping to fight poverty

Being sick during the school week had its pros and cons growing up. The best part was being able to watch endless amounts of television. The worst of it was when my mother would commandeer the television and put her shows on. That means the Soap Operas which I among the rest of the male population in my household could not stand.

Today, with the help of media (and not living at home) I am able to escape my mothers torturous programs. In the Arab world, what I was sure was ruining my childhood, is actually doing some good. Both women and men in the region enjoy the genre quite a bit. Amina Semlali is a human development specialist who believes that the genre is bringing stability to the Arab world. Soaps bring to light a new cultural acceptance that was once taboo. Giving women a voice in the media is changing the cultural landscape and broadening the views of Arab men. These Soaps are enjoyed by entire families. Semlali writes that the largest viewing takes place during Ramandan where family is most important.

The video in the following link shows the importance of the Soap Operas in the Arab world.

Of course, what good thing wouldn’t come with some back-lash? Some religious officials say that the shows “promote magic, debauchery and vice.” Some even talk about killing the producers of the programs.

The positive side heavily outweighs the stringent right. They say the soaps allow them to “often escape from the hard daily reality of Palestinian life.”

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