Damascus University, An Attack On Knowledge.

Syrian war engulfs last beacon of knowledge in Syria.


Syria’s flagship university, Damascus University was left unharmed throughout the 17 months that this war has been going on. Unfortunately, this past Thursday marked an end to the universities peace as a mortar shell destroyed part of the engineering building, killing ten students and injuring twenty-nine.

What’s this going to end up as?

            Will Syria be able to come back from this destruction or will it end up like Afghanistan? A country that had so much promise until it was consumed by war in the 80’s. This blow isn’t just a simple attack on a university, its an attack on the intellectual class of the country.

            The Damascus University was a beacon of hope for the Syrian future, regardless of what side would win. Its destruction marks a new low in the war that is now aimed at a different part of the people’s ideals. The destruction of this university was in a way the destruction of the future of Syria.


            What possible reason would either side have for committing this crime?

            This action is violence for the sake of violence; in no way does the destruction of this university bring either side closer to its goal. As the students are trying to respond to this attack it becomes clear that the future they had hoped is now not possible. The death and destruction that has come from this war cant be undone, and the people who would be able and willing to fix the country after all this devastation have just been attacked.


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