Battle for Women’s Rights in Yemen: A Microcosm for the region

The Middle East is a region that has been undergoing a rapid transformation over the past few decades. This transformation has brought into question numerous social issues that have come to highlight the battle between contemporary Arab society and the societal norms of the West seemingly brought to the region by so-called “modernization.” A major issue in this conflict is Women’s Rights. Traditional Middle Eastern views hold Women on a far lower place in society then men. However, just like hip hop is challenging traditional society, women’s rights activists are doing the same. These activists such as Tawakul Karman has inspired many to challenge the status quo on women, how the Quran views women, and how society as a whole views the role of women. The article below does a great job detailing the struggle of young Yemeni women trying to gain a better education system for themselves. The reality is that, thanks in large part to the expansion of Arab media, an awareness has fostered in the region. This awareness has promoted the expansion of a domestic women’s rights movement dedicated to the betterment of female lives in many Arab countries. Granted, this article exemplifies the fight that still needs to be won, but it also depicts how far the region has come with balancing Islam with today’s world.

Tawakkul Karman

Article: Yemen women continue tough fight for rights



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