Syrian Refugee Problem

I came across this political cartoon that really made me think.


This situation is a mess. Syria over the past 17 months has been in a state of almost constant chaos. President Bashar Assad seems to have a problem with not only the Syrian rebels but the Syrian civilians as a whole. As the situation quickly deteriorates, I have to ask. How many more people have to die before a peaceful solution can be found?

            The last year and a half has seen the destruction of all things Syrian. Both parties are claiming to be working for the best interest of Syria as a whole, and both parties are trying to smear the other with war crimes. The situation has gotten so bad that it’s starting to spill over to the other countries in the form of refugees and even military actions.

            This last incident has a lot of economic downfalls to the Syrian government as a whole. The continued destruction of its infrastructure can only serve to weaken the people and cause a massive depression. The oil fields in particular control a large part of the wealth of Syria, with them destroyed the government can no longer afford to do anything except continue to fight the war. As they indiscriminately destroy neighborhoods, the Syrian population is almost forced to leave. ( )

Refugees from Syria are a large concern to the many countries that it borders. Lebanon specifically has been a country that has a lot of unfortunate circumstances that come with the migration. The care of the refugees at first was not that big of a concern, however over the last year the numbers have climbed to over 400,000.  Many of these refugees have abandoned all that they owned and are faced with a simple reality, they are in a position where there is little hope.

            These refugees are trying to escape persecution and destruction but are entering into a situation of starvation and poverty.  At the same time, the countries they have entered are unable to supply them with adequate housing and food. It’s a situation that only leads to more devastation of the Syrian people.

            As an American we are in such a bubble. We read about the violence and destruction in Syria but cant really relate to it. If we get hit in the head with bird poop we consider it a bad day. At the same time a person may have just lost everything that they ever cared about in the world because a rocket missed its target and destroyed his house. We can see the suffering happening in the world but are so far away and disconnected that it almost seems like a story. The citizens of Syria that had no hand in the revolution are paying the price. They are caught between two parties that claim to be working in their best interest but are actually extremely selfish. There can be a lot of ways this war will end, unfortunately I do not believe that it will end without a lot more bloodshed and destruction.  



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