Iraqi Problems

Recently Iraq was hit by a series of coordinated car bombs targeting Shia Mosques. The various scenes have been described as horrible and outrageous examples of what humans are capable of. An AFP news agency reporter described seeing “pools of blood on the ground with massive damage to nearby cars, houses and shops.”-Aljazeera

This event comes after a wave of violence surrounding the ten-year anniversary of the US invasion and comes before the elections that were scheduled to happen later in the year. So far no one has claimed the attacks, but due to the high profile of these bombings and the high coordination needed it is clear that this serious of terrorist attacks were committed by a group that has had a lot of experience.

Unfortunately the last ten years has marked almost constant violence for the citizens of Iraq. With a high crime rate and a weak government it is a bastion for political and social unrest. The United States is responsible for a lot of that unrest, destroying their government we left them with a democracy that didn’t represent the entirety of the people.



It would be easy to claim that these attacks are just simply religiously motivated, but in reality it represents the political climate of the country. A secular party does not lead the Iraqi government. After the Baath party’s dominance the political climate shifted the other way. Their parties are hyper religious and focused on the wishes of the many over the needs of the few. This act is politically charged, targeting the mosques during their time of worship is an obvious attack on the Shia Party and can only lead to more violence.

Hopefully this doesn’t spark more conflict between the Iraqi nationals and the Kurdistan autonomous region. As these events become more common, political stability seems like an uncertainty. 



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