Three divers in Egypt arrested for cutting internet cable in the sea..What will Egpyt do to protect the cables?


In Egypt, three divers were arrested near the Meditteranean port city of Alexandria. They were caught undersea cutting internet cable, but this incident might have been going on for days that involved “severed connections and disruptions to online services.” It all happend when the patrol coastguard of Egypt spotted a fishing boat, an army spokesperson said. But there were not specific details on to whether or not that the divers motive was to tamper with Egypt’s Telecom which is the country’s only landline provider. This incident was not clear whether it “was related to disruptions of Egypt reported by cable operator SEACOM last week that it said hit several lines connecting Europe with Africa, the Middle East and Asia.” SEACOM did not come foward and explain the reason for the cuts but they did come foward and say that the cables and the other network systems that are “funneling telecoms traffic backwards and forwards in the early hours of Friday.” People have expressed that the connections have been slow across Egypt since this incident.

This telecom infrastructure under the Mediterranean has been an ongoing problem in recent years. The people in Egypt have suggested that the cables could have been getting caught up with propellers of boats that are passing above the cables. What will Egypt do now to prevent this problem from occuring frequently? It will be interesting to see whether or not if Egypt revamps there telecom system. If the cables keep on getting cut on purpose or accidential, there is a problem here and they need to address it. A possible idea in fixing this is to not have the cables run underneath the water. According to this article, there has been a rise in the crime rates across Egpyt and “amid wider disorder triggered” by the unseated Hosni Mubarak in 2011 which made a lot of people upset. I find it very interesting how these two divers were able to locate one of these cables, the telecom infrastructure needs to be better protected if three people with Scuba gear and some cutting tools can break a major undersea cable.


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