New Members at Qatar Embassy

New Members at Qatar Embassy

At the latest meeting between the League of Arab States the general assembly recognized a new member. The Syrian National Coalition is the formal name for the rebel fighters. They have been in a long battle with the Syrian government. However, after the Arab League has recognized the SNC as the formal government of Syria, it may become hard to articulate just which group is being talked about.
The Syrian government is not happy with this decision. It has been having issues with proper recognition since November 2011 when it was suspended from the League.
The big news about the SNC is that they have opened up embassies in Doha, Qatar. << This is AWESOME! This progressive step to ending the oppression from the former Syrian government is perfect support for the Arab Spring.
The Arab League is supportive of the Syrian National Coalition and wants the pressure the Syrian government to peacefully backing down.
With the support of the Arab League and the United States, the SNC and its movement seemingly will be able to stay for the long term. "President Obama says US now considers the National Coalition the sole "legitimate representative" of the Syrian people,” says Al-Jazeera.
Tyranny and injustice have been too commonplace in Syria.
We can only hope that the SNC will further the development in civil rights and maybe… possibly… hopefully… come to a peaceful agreement with Israel and the Golan Heights.


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