Golan Heights: Sparks fighting between Israel and Syria

Golan Heights: Sparks fighting between Israel and Syria

The Golan Heights, which have been occupied by Israeli forced since 1967, have seen decades of silence. Little to no military action has been done on the grounds for many years. The only exception are sparse shells landing in the region from fighting between the Syrian government and the rebels. Israel rationally ignored these contacts. However, the Israeli forces have recently fired upon the Syrian government forces after they claim they were fire on twice within 12 hours.
The territory ranges from the Israeli – Lebanon boarder in the North to Lake Tiberias and Jordan in the South.

Syria previously occupied this territory until the Six Day War which ended in an armistice but was never formally recognized by the international community, says Al-Jazeera.

There are two prevailing things which could happen because of this reignited conflict:
1. Israel is able to successfully occupy the Golan Height through military exploits and expand their state or
2. The Syrian government and rebels band together for their common good and take the Golan Heights for themselves.
I do not see an even 50/50 split happening.




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