Syrian Rebels: Unstable Hypocrites?

New allegations have surfaced pertaining to the alleged use of chemical weapons in the Syria conflict, specifically those used by the rebel forces in the past week. President Obama has said that substantial evidence has yet to surface. Analysts have cited a short video released by the state media which shows victims of a supposed gas attack, however it is believed that their injuries are more consistent with the deliberate exposure of chlorine. In any case, the governments of France, the United Kingdom and the Syrian regime have all put in formal requests to have these accusations verified. In any case, soil samples and rocket fragments have been sent to the United Nations for independent analysis  This is especially damaging to their cause after an attempted upheaval among the leadership on Thursday. De facto leader Moaz al-Khatib attempted to resign his post in writing, citing what he sees as ulterior motives with the Western world’s leaders and their involvement in the cause, using it as an opportunity to advance their own selfish interests. The opposition’s executive committee overruled his attempt, so he stays for now. The interim opposition government (distinct from the movement itself) made significant strides in recent days when they elected American citizen Ghassan Hitto to lead the new administration. Hitto, a native of Damascus, spent most of his adult life in the IT industry after his education at Purdue University but spent his free time leading a Muslim community organization. He sees his new capacity as an opportunity to return to the homeland for the purpose of bringing peace back to the Middle East. 

government leader Ghassan Hitto
Ghassan Hitto is the new head of the Syrian opposition's interim government.

opposition leader Moaz al-Khatib Moaz al-Khatib said he had promised to step down if certain


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