Medical Aid in Iraq

The war ridden state of Iraq has many victims. One could say that the children have and will continue to suffer more than anyone. With impoverished  towns and villages littering themselves across the country, it is no wonder that a young girl is going through the fight of her life with little chance of survival. CNN has published a story highlighting Noor al-Zahra Haider. A young girl who has gone through hell to just have the chance to live a normal life.

Noor’s story sparks debate and question about the war in Iraq and the torn country. Her life is on the brink of it’s existence. The greatest issue here is that without the war Noor would not be alive today, yet so many other people would be alive without the war.

Small humanitarian victories this should make everyone, which ever side of the aisle you sit, to understand how fragile life is. It should spark discussion for or against the ever present responsibility to take action simply because we (the United States of America) are able to. The soldiers who saved Noor’s life did more for her than anyone else in Iraq could have done.

As a result of this article I would like to see more humanitarian efforts go forth and continue to help the needed. Hopefully Iraq will become a sustaining state and no longer need to send it’s patients out of the country for life saving surgery.



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