Egypt signs MoU in IT, cyber security and education

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh after their meeting New Delhi

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh after their meeting in New Delhi

Egypt signed an MoU (memorandum of understandinga document describing a bilateral or multilateral agreement between two or more parties) with India on Tuesday in e-governance, e-education, IT, electronics hardware, sharing of experiences in the creation of Technology Parks and IT clusters, strengthening the cooperation between Information communications technology (ICT) companies in the private sector, and more. President Dr. Mohamed Morsy signed the agreement in New Delhi which included seven points between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of India and of the Arab republic of Egypt:

  1. Cooperation in information and communication technology
  2. Cooperation in the area of Cyber Security 
  3. Establishment of a Centre for Excellence in IT (CEIT) in Al Azhar University
  4. Cooperation in the field of micro and small enterprises
  5. Cooperation in the fields of Protection, Preservation, Promotion and Management of Cultural Heritage
  6. Upgradation of a Vocational Training Centre at Shourba El Kheima, Cairo, Egypt
  7. Letter of intent on India-Egypt solar energy cooperation

India’s Prime minister Manmohan Singh said Mr. Morsy “ably leads his nation in building strong institutions and frameworks for democracy, social justice and inclusive economic development. I am convinced that Egypt’s successful transition would be an important model for the region and the world.” It is clear that as media and technology in the Arab world develops and expands, it will bring new business and economic opportunities. This MoU also exemplifies how media and technology can create links and relationships to the rest of the world, especially for Arab Countries. They are also putting a new emphasis on using technology in education and training can open many doors for the Arab World.


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