Divergent Developments on Syrian Civil War

There have been two significant events in the past week or so coming out of Syria, in the midst of a nearly two-year long civil war. In a shameless PR ploy, regime president al-Assad’s wife has made a rare public appearance in an effort to convey the sense of normalcy and control, even if only to show stability within the government’s inner core. This comes off a three-year period of her dodging the public eye, last seen in an exclusive pre-war interview with CNN in 2009 where she shared her thoughts on the Palestinian refugees in the Gaza Strip . In other news from the regime, there have been reports that a top general has defected to the rebellion, claiming morale among his troops is extremely low as they fight what many see as a lost cause. The defection Maj. Gen. Mohammed Ezz al-Din Khalouf (how’s that for a mouthful) is unconfirmed by any Western news agency at the moment, but could be a significant blow to the public relations aspect of keeping a government intact. However, this could be a publicity stunt perpetuated by a U.S. backed foreign policy initiative aimed at destroying al-Assad’s regime from the inside out.
Bashar al-Assad's official Facebook page claims his wife, Asma, took part in an event at the Damascus Opera House on Saturday.


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