What will happen if Iran completes the nuclear weapon?

ht_israeli_tv_interview_obama_thg_130315_wblogIran has begun installing advanced centrifuge machines

Iran is just over a year or more from building a nuclear weapon that could possibly ruin a lot of lives. Obama was interviewed on channel 2 on Thursday. President Obama “laid out a clear timeline for Tehran to acquire a military nuclear capacity, while insisting that Washington would not wait until the last minute to take action to stop it.” Obama stated that “we think that it would take over a year or so for Iran to actually develop a nuclear weapon, but obviously, we don’t want to cut it too close.” President Obama will take early action to stop the “alleged weapons program,” in Iran. This is a topic that is not getting a lot of attention right now but it should be because people’s lives will be at stake if Iran goes through with this.

I believe that it is not a good idea for Iran to have nuclear bombs. Iran has nothing but contempt for the West and anyone who will not accept the religion of Islam. They simply have orders to seek and destroy; why would anyone want to place the elements of world domination into their hands? The people who hate America are only going to accept the answer they want to hear. That answer is because America is a mean bully who wants to own the world. This is wrong, America acknowledges that the weapons existence and use are extremely dangerous to the world’s stability. America along with other countries signed a treaty to limit the spread of these weapons.

As to go on the many more reasons why Iran should not have nuclear weapons are numerous. Iran is seen as a state that has shown itself to be capable of aggression and is constitutionally opposed to their existing neighbour Israel. Iran is a fundamentalist state who may do terrible thing but is also capable of brutal acts against those it feels threatened by. If America does not want Iran to have a nuclear arsenal, then they will do everything in their power to stop it, and the real reason that the Americans do not want an Iranian nuclear capability is because they are for reasons of political expediency quite content to leave Israel as the only nuclear power in the Middle East, in my opinon.

If Iran ends up with nuclear bombs, this could lead to a “multi nuclear Middle East, a nightmare scenario in which numerous authoritarian and radical regimes possess nuclear weapons, and encourage other potential proliferators around the world to pursue their dangerous ambitions.” The U.S must become fully engaged with Iran and “be prepared to make important concessions in order to address its legitimate concerns, but the United States must be realistic.” Lastly Iran has rejected all of President Obama’s attempts in effort to become engaged. In my opionon, if Iran goes through with this, it may lead to World War III but only time will tell now.


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