Is it really true that Egypt Police are abusing children?


The police in Egypt are being accused of detaining children without a charge against them. While these children are being detained the police are torturing and abusing them, “prompting a condemnation from the United Nations.” Dozens of children were being detained throughout the country during protests of the anniversary of the country’s revolution. “The government says there are laws in place to protect minors, but that they are not always enforced.”

“For the past two months, violence has wracked Egypt. In what has become daily clashes, deaths and police violence, the country has returned to revolution mode, except this time, the country seems split down what can only be described as religious lines; conservative Islamists on one and the liberal, secularists on another. A solution must be had to stop this cycle of violence and bring forth real change for the country that has seen the Muslim Brotherhood and their President Mohamed Morsi disregard the rule of law in favor of power grabbing.” Egypt not only needs to reform the police forces but need a complete makeover of the political system “that has engendered this violence, which once again has exploded and rocked the country.”

In my opinion, the whole government needs to examine and go through the security forces and clean house. The Egypt police system needs a main goal which in my mind is that they need to build a modern and efficient police force that would be able to provide not only security but to also protect human rights such as the right to peaceful protest. In order to reform the forces, it cannot be based on just substitution the leadership with new faces. It must be deep and institutionalized. Other possible ways to reform the police force in Egypt is to enhance the accountability and improve the police’s relationship with the public; for example, each officer could wear a name tag to facilitate the complaints process. Seeing all the problems that the Egypt’s police forces have faced in the past years are urgently in need of reforming. Weeding out the corrupt and abusive cops won’t be easy in Egypt, but this is the only way to regain the public’s trust.

I am very optimistic about the future of Egypt. Fixing the problems with police will not be fixed over night or in a few months. It will take time. I believe if there are more resources such as educational programs and law practices become implemented they will become more knowledgeable and well rounded individuals. If the police force does not reform then all of these problems will keep happening and the police will keep abusing their power.


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