UK Moves to Arm Syrian Rebels

Great Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron has hinted at possible unilateral action to assist in the ongoing conflict in Syria, and has even gone as far as to express willingness to break the European Union’s arms embargo to achieve its goals. Currently, the list of sanctions against Syria is on a timetable, where the list is reviewed every three months. The latest list was passed unanimously on March 1st. Cameron was able to get the resolution amended to allow for the supply of nonlethal supplies to the rebels (i.e. armored vehicles). However, the Free Syrian Army has been clear that their efforts will be wasted unless they receive additional firepower, as a war is unwinnable with small arms alone.  

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius has also expressed interest in similar moves, and also added that the French government would be willing to work with the United States and Russia to create a list of regime members that they would be willing to negotiate with. (no mention of al-Assad which pretty much cancels appropriate representation out). 

No word yet on the United States government’s role in the latest developments. However, it can be expected that they will side with the British, seeing as their goals are similar and someone has finally dipped their toes in. The Russians seem to be a little more complex, seeing as relations between Putin and the Obama Administration have been slightly frosty over the past couple years. Also, the Russians and Syrian regime have a few mutual friends, which will only serve to complicate matters significantly.


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