Are the Syrian Rebels even that much better?

The UN recently submitted a report accusing the Syrian Rebels “of murder, rape, torture and forced disappearances.”. Everyone that is familiar with the situation holds a stigma against the current Syrian regime, but is that right to do. Yes, Assad has committed war crimes and has killed innocent civilians but is the other side being in power worth all the bloodshed?

The Syrian rebels are not a singular entity that is focused on one goal or even one end. The problem is the only thing that ties these people together is their hatred of Assad. If or when they do end up toppling the regime, will that end the fighting? Or more likely, will they just start fighting between themselves and just continue the violence?

The Assad regime although it was oppressive, was stable. The only thing that is certain from this revolution is that innocent Syrians will continue to die. I’m not saying that I believe Assad is the best thing (or even good) for Syria, i just don’t think that we can trust a group that seemingly only has the destruction of the government in mind.

In terms of the political stability of the region, what type of government Syria adopts will determine countless other variables that have real consequences for not only the surrounding countries but the world as a whole. If the dominant faction to arise after the war is a religiously dominated group, it will shift the balance of power away from the secular governments. As they are neighbors with Israel, that government will freak out and start( or continue) to bomb the country. 

Either way it would be a hard sell to say that the Free Syrian Army will bring peace with their victory. Their review by the UN shows that they may be just as bad as the current government. One  situation “…details rebels and government forces recruiting boys as young as 12.” (1) The situation even got so bad that last week the Syrian rebels captured 21 UN peacekeepers saying that they wanted to keep them out of harms way. Funny thing is they indiscriminately bomb their own civilians so that one doesn’t really fit.Image(1)


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