What are the Egyptian Courts Thinking?

Today, 21 rioters were executed in Cairo for their participation on the Port Said riots. The riot started in February of 2012, two opposing teams one belonging to the city of Cairo, the other to Port Said, began fighting in the streets. The fighting quickly escalated and eventually grew into a protest that it claimed 74 lives. Although both sides are accountable for the riot, the police were also responsible for deaths due to their treatment of the fans. The court was accused of being biased in terms of the sentencing because of the role that soccer fans played in ousting Mubarik.

In my opinion, the deaths are just an example of the instability of the government at the time. From my understanding the police were in many cases the cause of the disturbances and did nothing to help quell the violence except facing violence with violence. The government does not want to look weak, but at the same time killing more people in this situation does not make you look strong. The Egyptian government should take responsibility for its actions, and I am very glad that the global spotlight is focused on their actions.

The Egyptian government should take a long look at its judicial system and consider the fallibility of the state. Yes, these people may have incited a riot, but they should not be killed because of it. If they were personally responsible for the death of innocent civilians then I believe that the sentence should stand. However, if they were sentenced for merely being there and opposing the actions of the police, they should not be convicted. The fact that this story is continuing to today shows how badly the government of Egypt is handling the situation.

Police brutality is not uncommon in the middle east, but for the media to give it such a spotlight at a time when Syria is in a state of rebellion is ridiculous. Another aspect is the actions of the courts in Cairo. For them to uphold the death sentences of civilians over a riot that they themselves should have stopped or made peaceful is shameful. The world is watching and they stand in opposition to the people of Egypt. The world has already seen how the Egyptians feel about an oppressive government, I’m interested to see how they react to this sentencing. Enough people have died for one scenario, its crazy to think how far the government will take this. I feel bad for the loved ones of those sentenced, and im sure that this action will be looked apon as a contributing factor for the next series of governments to come. A democracy is supposed to act for the people, the police are supposed to protect the people, the courts are supposed to protect the rights of people. How has this government failed so miserably? But more importantly, how can they not see that they have failed?




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