Palestinian buses set on fire in Israel

201335141557843734_20Two Israeli buses that had Palestinians on the bus line earlier this week were torched on Monday night on the 4th of March. The police have yet to find the people who are responsible for setting the buses on fire. “Two buses were apparently set on fire but we are looking into all possibilities.” Luba Samri told the news agency. The incident happened in the Arab village of Kfar Qassem. The police believe this happened by protesters who are against the new transportation system that was implemented on Monday. This outrageous incident happened just shortly after the new transportation came into effect. As the bus lines were separated for the Palestinian workers and the Jewish settlers. The Israeli rights group believe this is a move as simply “segregation” and “simple racism,” and the deputy labour minister Assef Said told AFP “This is a racist policy of segregation.” This new transportation system is drawing a lot of criticism from the Palestinian officials.

The Union of the Palestinian workers believe this could created a very easy target for more attacks to come by the settler extremists. The bus route will now drive the Palestinian works “from the Eyal checkpoint just north of the West Bank city of Qalqilya to several cities in Israel where they have permits to work.” This whole new system was launched because the Jewish settlers were moaning and groaning about them having to share the bus with Palestinians and that it was a security risk for them. “Ron Nahman, the late mayor of Ariel settlement, had in November said he was in talks with the army, the police and the transport ministry to find ways of stopping Palestinians from boarding the buses that go to Ariel.” These departments are working together to find a better solution “to the reality that is bothering our people,” Nahman said on his facebook page. Obviously the separation of buses isn’t a good enough solution.

If there is any country who should understand the horrors of racism, it is Israel. Yet, the Israelis continue to build fences, have Palestinian ID badges, forced ghettos, segregation, and take their land. Why? Why does Israel feel it has the right to treat other human beings so horribly. I am a strong believer in Israel’s right to peacefully co-exist. But yet, this right does not extend to, or justify, what they do. I don’t understand why Israel believes it has the right to treat the Palestinians thusly. We have to question Israel’s claim that it is a Democracy when it embraces apartheid like policies. The real issue here is that Israel has failed to protect the Christians and Muslim Palestinians from the Jewish settler fanatics who attacked them, insulted them, and hurled epithets at them and tried to impose their own racist actions including kicking Palestinians off the buses. It’s disgraceful, and a shame for the Jews who were among the leaders of the civil rights movement that helped Rosa Parks stand up to the same kind of separation that are now embraced by Israel.


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