The Tunisian Crisis According to Arab Sources

Al Arabiya has reported that Tunisia is facing its worst crisis so far now that the Prime Minister has resigned. The Arab source gives a much more dire outlook on what could happen now in the revolutionary state, claiming that the country is going to fully collapse. Al Arabiya actually reported that the S&P downgraded Tunisia’s credit rating before the current Prime Minister resigned, and in the article described the current power structure now that the government has started to come apart. American and Western sources have reported the resignation of the Prime Minister but for the most part have ignored the potential impact and effects of this on the government. The Arab news source, in contrast goes much more in depth with their analysis of the government.

The difference in reporting between Arab and Western news sources is obvious here. While Western sources focus on the regional impact and the actual event itself, Arab sources focus more in depth on the in-country effects of events like this and predictions of what could happen based on past precedent. So the question is, which is better? Western news media will obviously never have the same understanding of regional politics that Arab news sources will. However, the fact that Arab media sources are  new means that they are still getting used to the way to accurately report news and fully escape the influence of governments in the region. I encourage you to look through the articles linked below and look at the contrast first hand.

Al Arabiya:




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