Palestinian Hate Cartoon

My first few blogs focused solely on either news articles or commentary of our class readings thus far. So, I decided to look for visual media and found a very interesting video. This video is a Palestinian Cartoon/TV show which promotes hostility towards Israelis and the State of Israel. The video is rather derogatory of the Israeli State with comments such as “May Allah curse these infidels, who have gone astray” and “the (American) cowboys have spoken heresy as well.” Two things are clearly evident upon watching this particular video. (1) This video is clearly linked to a sub-branch or organization within Hamas that seeks to promote her message across the Palestinian Diaspora. (2) This video is an obvious response to the Danish cartoonist portrayal of the Prophet Mohammad back in 2006. There were two examples that illustrated this point well. At 1:14 in the video, the rabbit asks the little kid “Do you boycott Israeli and Danish products?” with the kid responds “Yes, Assud I do.” Also, at 2:24 the kid asks Assud “How did these Danes have the audacity to affront the messenger of Allah?” with which he responds “No I don’t. because the Arabs and Muslims keep silent.”


The reason I posted this video is because it shows some of the negative consequences of the expansion of Arab Media in which radical thoughts are being distributed quicker and easier than ever before. But, it also allows for a Western audience to view the sentiments of many Palestinians despite the extremist undertone in this video.


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