Habits That Came to be Part of the Norms

Talking about “Qat” the other day in class, I was kind of surprised of how famous Yemenis have became of using it, and I just want to add a little bit more on the subject. As you know, Qat is widely grown and used in Yemen by almost everybody, it is the big phenomenon Yemen is known for in the Arabic peninsula, even the neighboring countries of Yemen is not ever familiar with using Qat, except the Yemenis who live there. The repetitive usage of the substance can become very addictive, which is why Yemenis are not even missing one single day of using, some can’t even start the day and function without it. The wide spread of Qat has mingled and became a big part of the culture, knowing the fact that it can be harmful to the body, I might say it has been accepted in society as a national treasure. Back home, I have seen a lot of Yemenis who were there for work and they do not go any where without Qat in their pockets, and I wondered how did they manage to get it in the country because its prohibited as it is an addictive and is considered a drug, so I found out that they can get it but for a lot of money counting in the smuggling expenses, what a hardship!. It is somewhat similar in Arabia, with the hookah places that are so common and popular, but there is little to no consideration to the protocols of the health department, where kids that are under the age of 18 can still go in with out an inspection of age. The way hookah is very common, made such a situation be taken as lightly and seen as normal, but if everybody was doing it, that does not necessarily make it alright.


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